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  • Jonathan's Personal Training philosophy: Learn to move, breathe, eat, drink and rest in ways that will encourage freedom of movement, health, wellness and a proper balance both inside and out. This means creating a lean, healthy body alongside a calm, balanced mind. With Jonathan there is one rule: WORK HARDER AND SMARTER!

    The human body is the most complex and evolutionarily advanced machine in existence as far as we know. With millions of moving parts all working together in perfect harmony for the most part, our bodies can perform an incredibly vast array of movements. It is truly a wonderful thing.

    However, when movement patterns become unbalanced we start to notice aches, pains, tension, etc. These signs from the body are telling us that something is wrong, but how do we rediscover alignment before we fall into injury? By learning how to move better.

    Rather than focus on aesthetics alone, I believe that my job as a fitness coach is to help you to learn how to move in ways that will have you engaged in active life long into old age. This is why I use functional movements which mimic real Life activities with a focus on control, core engagement and form to help you build optimal movement habits.

Personal Training

One-on-one Personal Training is a great way to focus on your specific needs and goals while receiving individualized advice on nutrition, exercise and personal well-being. The fully personal and customized experience for those who want to get the most out of their workouts and Life.

Small Group Training

Small Group Training brings the benefits of personal training and combines them with the energy and encouragement of a Team. Not only does this style of training offer accountability and fun, but training as a group means members share the cost of the session making it economical as well.

Yoga Instruction

Available in both one-on-one and small group sessions, Private Yoga Instruction is perfect for finding what your specific needs are and addressing them by creating the ideal practice for you. Learn to move and breathe in ways that encourage vitality and wellbeing while being sure you are doing so safely.



My Mission is to help as many people as I can to learn how to use their body in as many ways as possible in a sustainable way that will have them moving well for the rest of their Lives. I want to work with you to find where your strength lies and how to bring that out in a functional way so you can enjoy your life with the freedom and confidence which comes with a stong, mobile body.

I aim to deliver the correct style, time and type of training for each person. With that in mind I offer a variety of options to get you involved in the proper program for your desired experience and results. Everything from one-on-one to small group training to Yoga instruction, I've got you covered!



Kelsey S.
Working out with Jonathan, "Jai", is not working out. Instead it is an act in life improvement. Going from a place where I would openly tell people "I don't workout" to regularly working with Jai has been one of the easiest things I've ever done. Not because working out is easy. Not because making time is easy. But this is easy because what I get from my time with Jai is so beneficial that I don't have an option not to make my sessions if I want to live the best life I can.
Cassandra V.
Jonathan is AMAZING. He is dedicated, loving, caring, extremely knowledgeable and is always on time! He makes working out fun. He cares deeply for his clients and always has new stories and information to share. I genuinely could not imagine ever working with another trainer, because they would have really big shoes to fill. He would be a tough act to follow. Working with him is an absolute joy.
Rachel K.
Jonathan is the best trainer a person could ask for, because he truly cares for his clients and loves what he does. His passion and positive energy are contagious. I had the honor of being trained by Jonathan from January 2009 until June 2010. The experience was life changing. Jonathan taught me a variety of strength, endurance, and cardiovascular training exercises that were unique and designed to meet my fitness needs. His training pushed me past not just my physical limits, but also my mental and emotional ones. With the help of his motivation and guidance I lost 80 pounds and dropped 4 pants sizes. One year later I have still kept it off. Furthermore I gained an appreciation and love for health and fitness that will stay with me for the rest of my life.
Samantha D.
I have trained with Jon for a couple years now. Before Jon, I always had a hard time getting motivated to go to the gym and my workouts were never showing results. Growing up I was a ballerina, so I lacked upper body strength but always had strong legs. Jon was able to improve my upper body strength and even make my legs stronger in muscles I have never used before. When I started training with Jon, I looked forward to my workouts. Jon always has a new idea or different way to make sure your whole body is getting the workout it needs while having a good time. He knows how to push you with knowing your limits. His training is energizing, consistent, motivating, and exciting! Training with him you will see immediate results!



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